Rosarito calling! This is the best time to own a beach front property..


Rosarito calling! This is the best time to own a beach front property in Mexico’s booming real estate market

After the baby boomers did it, it is time for the new middle class to own a beach front property at the Titanic-fame Rosario beach.

Rosarito Beach BC MX, 10/19/16]: Rosarito beach is a comfortable three hour drive from Los Angeles, and its properties are cheaper than ever today! is giving out exclusive deals to own a condo, villa or commercial property in the middle of an economy that is on rebound, and the air is as crisp as it used to be!

Rosarito is a great tourist place that attracts Americans in droves, and for those looking to settle down at a cheap place, it also makes a for a low-budget living choice. For those who wish to own a second home or a commercial property away from the city buzz, this is the right time as inventories are now running low.

Baja California is unlike the rest of Mexico as a booming business center. It is safe, free from urban distractions, and provides plenty of opportunities to unwind at cool bars and spas. For residents, a niche property opens up amazing views of mountains and the sea. For business owners, its facilities do not disappoint and the slow and steady rhythms of revenue continue unabated. has just updated its latest property listings, and there are amazing new deals on offer. Great views and surroundings were never so within reach and in your budget. From foreclosed properties to brand new constructions, there is one cool place for every preference and requirement.

Now that the time is just right, we provide a range of real estate services for Rosarito, from commercial property appraisal and valuation, to finding a smart agent and sale of residences.

Speaking about the new opportunities for property buyers in Rosarito, Jose Lopez,, said, “Now is the time to buy, don`t wait because a good deal can slip through your hand`s very fast!


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  1. I came to Rosarito for vacation for a week and found so many great restaurants and fun things to do. I will be coming back for a longer and even maybe a permanent vacation 😉

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