Top Ten 10 Reasons to Move to Mexico

1. Close to the U.SA. – Mexico is a next door neighbor.
2. Lower Cost of Living – The over all cost of Living is up to 70%.
3. Affordable Property – Property prices in Mexico are way lower then Properties in U.S. and Property taxes are normally never over $300 per year.
4. Excellent Health Care – Medical Care is cheaper by up to 50% compared to U.S.
5. Beautiful Beaches – Mexico has over 6,000 miles of coastline and many choices of resort towns to live in.
6. Rich Culture – Mexico has a long rich history and a living culture and where ever you go there is always something to do.
7. Expat Havens – As many as a million expats live in Mexico!
8. Laid Back Lifestyle – Mexicans are laid back and like to enjoy life and when you come make sure to be ready to relax.
9. Friendly People – Mexicans are very welcoming people especially when comes to expats knowing it`s a backbone to there economy.
10. The Food – If you love Mexican food then this is the place to come for quality food and cheap too.

Land and Housing for a U.S. Retiree!

To better evaluate the present scene of U.S. retiree-centered home purchasing in Mexico, the International Community Foundation embraced a recorded audit of land speculation by U.S. retirees in Mexico and inspected discernment`s among U.S. retirees now dwelling in Mexican beach front groups:

Study respondents chose Mexico for the way of life (79%), average cost for basic items (75%), climate (69%), and nearness to the U.S. (63%).

They additionally viewed as different abroad goals, including Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize.

More than 62% of overview respondents live in a house instead of an apartment suite. Center gatherings additionally voiced a reasonable inclination for Mexican-style pilgrim design and the “town” idea insteadĀ of urban living.

While considering the buy of a home in Mexico, review respondents noticed that the accessibility of essential framework and utilities (84%) and clear legitimate title (82%) were more critical considerations than the cost (78%).

Most by far (77%) of respondents possessed their homes; just 16% were tenants.

61% of U.S. retirees studied demonstrated that they would pay higher property charges in the event that they could be ensured better city administrations and framework (counting zoning implementation, water, police, fire).

Only 37.4% of respondents felt that situating in an arranged unit advancement was either “vital” or “fairly critical.